Getting rid of the unsightly characteristic look is a lifelong dream of the person who wears them. Besides their looks, braces for teeth straightening is also a painful experience. You cannot wait for the day you will remove those metal wires, but what if we say that it is not the end of the road? Your journey with retainers after braces will take its course. Read this blog to understand the need and importance of it.

You may question yourself, “How long do you have to wear retainers after braces?” Stay with us till the end for your answer. As far as the question of “why” is concerned, it is required for maintaining what you have achieved with hard work and pain.

What Are Dental Retainers?

Retainers or dental retainers are custom-designed mouthpieces that are used for keeping the teeth in their new position. But why is a retainer required? What does it do? These are adjunct orthodontic instruments placed after the teeth go through placement correction. Retainers help in keeping the teeth in their new place; wearing them might seem a task, but it is better than having metal brackets all over your teeth again.

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Types of Retainers After Braces

There are 3 types of retainers used after traditional treatment:

Hawley Retainer

Hawley retainers are detachable well suited for after braces use. These devices are also called wired retainers and easily take off at will. The users can remove them while eating and properly clean them for maintaining hygiene.

Bonded Retainers

These are the opposite of the type mentioned above. Bonded retainers are affixed on the teeth in those individuals who require wearing them all day and night instead of just intervals. Bonded retainers are placed for some months after the braces are taken off for maintaining the teeth’ position.

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Clear Plastic Retainers

We get it if you are do not want to get that metal-wired look again. The good news is that we have clear or transparent retainers.  These are made according to each individual’s teeth size that fits perfectly. Clear plastic retainers are very popular in patients because of the invisible look.

How Long Do You Have To Wear After Braces?

Bonded retainers are unmovable; they stay on the entire day and night as well until the dentist feels that it is time to stop. On the other hand, the wearing period of removable retainers depends on your dentist’s treatment type.

A retainer is advised to use for at least 9 months after braces are taken off the teeth. Later on, you can taper down the time slowly so that the results remain afresh.

You must understand that you can’t – not wear retainers after braces. You can definitely lessen the time from wearing them all day to night only after a few months.

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What Happens If You Don’t Wear Them?

Human teeth have a moving tendency during their entire life. Once you alter their position using braces, they will move back in their original form if you don’t wear retainers. Therefore, dentists prescribe this device as a follow-up treatment after braces to stop that from happening.

Final Thoughts

For long-lasting results, retainer following braces are essential. Some dentists may advise using it for 6 to 8 hours each day; some may recommend wearing it during the nights only or continuously for some months. We hope this blog was useful and it answered all your questions and thoughts.

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