There is a possibility that you might start to panic if you notice a small piece of white material coming out of your mouth. Is it a tooth falling out or something like that? Chipped teeth or tartar are the two most common issues that can cause this. (Hint: Probably not.) The good news is that both of these issues can be solved easily with dental care. Below, you will find more about these issues and how you can treat them.

What exactly is Tartar?

Plaque is the source of tartar, which is a hard substance. You can think of plaque as the bacteria in your mouth. When plaques such as this one are not removed quickly, they harden into tartar, which is very difficult to remove. During your regular dental cleanings, your dental professional removes tartar from your teeth. You may not even be aware that it has occurred. At the very least, occasionally you may notice that the paint has flaked and chipped away.

Here are some bonus tips for controlling tartar

You can avoid tartar buildup by following the tips mentioned below.

  • You should brush your teeth twice a day on a daily basis. I recommend you brush for at least 2 minutes in order to prevent tartar and plaque from forming. Scrubbing your teeth for 3 seconds will not be enough. Also, you should use a toothbrush with a soft bristle and try to reach out to the places that are hard to reach with a toothbrush.
  • Make sure you use toothpaste with fluoride and tartar control features.
  • Make sure you floss between your teeth every day. I don’t care how good you are with your toothbrush, it’s important to use dental floss to keep tartar from building up in hard-to-reach places.
  • In order to help kill plaque-causing bacteria, it is recommended to rinse your mouth regularly with an antiseptic mouthwash.
  • In addition, you should avoid eating high starch or high sugar foods. By doing so, you will help prevent the production of harmful acids in your mouth that might feed the bacteria that live there.
  • You should avoid smoking. Smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products is conclusively proven to increase the risk of tartar formation.

Tartar can only be removed from your teeth by a dental professional. Therefore, if you already have tartar buildup on your teeth, you may wish to visit Family Dentist.

Cracked teeth are caused by a variety of factors.

Enamel is one of the hardest surfaces on the human body. Accidents are still possible even with enamel. When a person bites down on a hard object or bites down on the face, the teeth can crack. Some people are surprised when they find out that they have a chipped tooth. Other people experience a lot of pain when their tooth gets chipped because it comes with a lot of pain.

Does It Feel Like Tartar or Chipped Tooth?

Tartar and tooth enamel are both white, hard substances that are found in the mouth. If you notice a piece of white material, how can you tell the difference? The best way to determine it is to gently examine the tooth. The tooth will appear rough if the enamel is missing. Make an appointment with your dentist. He will be able to examine your enamel, and remove tartar, and a dentist will then be able to make any necessary repairs.

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