You may notice a painful sore throat having red and white ulcers inside your mouth; want to know what this foreign growth in your body is? Well, this appearance of ulceration is a canker sore on the tonsil at the back of your throat.

These ulcers have levels ranging from mild to severe; minor ones are mostly found in areas of the mouth such as lips, tongue, palate, tonsils, etc. Canker sores are white; center filled circular-shaped growth. Gladly, there is no need to visit a dentist for canker sore growth on the tonsil. But, you may require help dealing with the pain and discomfort that tags along.

If you are looking for answers about canker sore at the back of your throat, then this blog is a perfect read for you. Go through this piece for details about the causes of a canker sore development and treatment options.

Reasons Why Canker Sore Appear on the Tonsil

We lack proper research to pinpoint the exact cause; however, a few conditions are linked to it. Mouth injuries such as accidental cheek or lip biting, hormonal changes, anxiety, or vitamin B-12 deficiency; all play their role in the growth.

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Moreover, many food or beverages consumed on a routinely basis which trigger canker sore growth on the tonsil. This class consists of edibles highly acidic; or food containing common allergenic components. If you accidentally eat any of the trigger food, a reaction resulting in a canker sore will show up on the tonsil.

Both the conditions of a sore throat or canker sores feel the same – throat pain, discomfort along with fever. You may face trouble distinguishing between the two conditions. However, one way is checking the back of your mouth using a front of a mirror. Examine the tonsils and monitor the changes. If you can easily see big white circles with red edges on any of the tonsils, it’s a canker sore. But, if those big white bumps are present with inflammation on both tonsils, it is a disease.

Treating Tonsil Canker Sore

The discomfort in this condition is treatable via home methods such as mouth rinse using saltwater solution three times a day. This regime works in combination with an antibacterial drug and decreases inflammation too. Moreover, baking soda with water is great for relieving pain because of the sores.

How Long Do Canker Sores Stay on The Tonsil?

A small sized canker sore on the tonsil lasts about 3 – 4 days; then, it will start reducing in size naturally. However, it will take about 10 -12 days for complete healing.
As for larger ones, healing requires at least 4 – 5 weeks. Unfortunately, the sore leaves a mark after healing.

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The good news is canker sores dissolve as time passes, but the recovery time span depends on the lesion’s severity. If you need assistance, call your dentist immediately.


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