Having a blood blister in the mouth is really nothing short of a nightmare. You must have at least once in your life bitten a cheek or tongue that all of a sudden turned into a blood blister in the mouth. It is absolutely not an experience one would want to go through due to immense pain.

Usually, one of the main causes of a blood blister in the mouth is trauma to the soft tissues present in the oral cavity. Since soft tissues of the mouth are delicate, anything as light as eating with haste can cause a blood blister to form. Generally, these blisters are not something to worry about; they usually go away on their own.

Let’s have a deeper look at what a blood blister is inside a mouth, its complications, and its treatment plan.

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Blood Blister in Mouth

A blood blister is a raised skin part or a bump formed inside the mouth filled with blood or any other fluid. According to Medical News Today what actually forms a blood blister is the rupture of small vessels under the skin, encapsulating the blood released from it, thereby forming a blister.

What Causes a Blood Blister in the Mouth?

Sometimes oral blood blisters appear without a cause and are harmless. A few reasons for their emergence are mentioned below.

  • Stress factor
  • Biting of the cheek or lip
  • Angina Bullosa Hemorrhagica
  • Dentures with Poor Fitting
  • Braces

Angina Bullosa Hemorrhagica

A rare disorder which presents itself as a dark, purple colored blisters filled with blood in the mouth. Their appearance is not calculated in any way; they stay for a few days then burst themselves. The healing process is quick and leaves no scar behind. The only time a blood blister should be worried about is when it grows in the air passage in the mouth.

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Other serious causes linked to a blood blister are.

  • Oral herpes
  • Renal failure
  • Increased consumption of alcohol
  • Diabetes
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Low platelet count
  • Oral cancer
  • Hormonal changes
  • Cigarette use
  • Iron insufficiency


The most visible symptom of having this condition is the bump or raised skin itself. Some people may also experience slight burning and soreness around the bump. These issues are linked with the blood blisters; they go away as soon as the sore in mouth heals up.

When to Schedule an Appointment with The Doctor

Usually, blood blisters in mouth do not require treatment or medical intervention of any sort. However, if the issue is recurrent, seek a professional’s help immediately.

  • Blisters that do not heal
  • Blood blisters in large size
  • Blisters that hinder eating or drinking in any way
  • Blood blister in the lips
  • Ill-fitted dentures causing blood blisters

How to Get Blood Blister in Mouth?

Mouth blood blisters do not need high-end treatments. Usually, it shrinks or pops on its own. If the bump was creating pressure or causing pain, bursting would definitely help relieve the two symptoms. Some treatments or home remedies for getting rid of a blood blister are:

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Applying ice on the sore blood blister can greatly relieve pain in the mouth. It helps to lower down swelling and redness. In case of trauma, using ice immediately after the impact can prevent the formation of blood blisters inside the mouth.

Place ice on the blister bump and keep it there for a few minutes, preferably from 5 to 10, to lessen the effect.

Witch Hazel Cream

Witch hazel cream has properties that reduce pain and help in the drying of blisters. Here’s how to use it.

  • Dab a cotton ball in witch hazel cream
  • Put some pressure gently on the blood blister using that cotton
  • Allow the cream to fully dry

Cucumber Slices

Cucumber is very useful due to its skin healing properties. Keep a cucumber slice on the blister 2 to 3 times a day till it starts recovering; cucumber water works well, too, for this issue.


Having chamomile tea soothes mouth sores and efficiently provides pain relief from a blood blister.


Turmeric has many medicinal properties. Its active ingredient curcumin is a natural antiseptic that speeds up the healing process for wound repair. The use of turmeric is best home remedy to get rid of a blood blister in mouth. To make a paste. Take half tablespoonful of turmeric and add it to honey; mix until it gets thick. Apply the paste directly onto the blood blister, let it sit for half an hour, and then wash. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day.

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Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood, with its analgesic and anti-inflammatory property alleviates pain and swelling from the blood blister. Mix 1 teaspoon sandalwood in some water. Make a paste and apply where the blood blisters it. Let it dry, then wipe using a wet cloth. Repeat twice a day for better recovery.

Healing and Prevention Tips

These raised blood blisters in the mouth are tough to deal with. Once you successfully heal it, follow these easy prevention tips to avoid their emergence in the future.

  • Steer clear from spicy food
  • Ask your dentist and remove the dentures for some time; or until the sores heal
  • Get new dentures
  • Do not pop the blood blister in mouth
  • Seek a dentist or your doctor if the issue is recurrent

Final Takeout

Blood blisters in the mouth are not something to worry about. Usually, they easily heal independently and leave without a mark on your face, which is a relief. Follow these home remedies to get rid of blood blisters from your mouth.

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