Chipped Tooth or Tartar: Learning the Difference

There is a possibility that you might start to panic if you notice a small piece of white material coming out of your mouth. Is it a tooth falling out or something like that? Chipped teeth or tartar are the two most common issues that can cause this. (Hint: Probably […]

We need to learn about cancer vs. canker sores

You may notice an unexpected sight one day inside your mouth, some white filled round shaped ulcer; it may be a canker sore. This issue is often confused with cancer. Having a foreign growth inside your mouth might cause a little scare, and that is why you must explore and […]

How To Get Rid Of Gag Reflex – 7 Possible Ways

The gag reflex is an innate response that the body shows in response foreign matter entry. This phenomenon is also considered as a form of protection mechanism of the body. However, it is problematic if the response center is over active. A gag reflex simulating the back of your throat […]