Your mouth houses sensitive tissues, and even the slightest change has an effect on it. The bump on your mouth roof may be harmless but better get it checked if it does not go away in a short span. There are many reasons for the development of a hard or soft bump on the mouth roof; some of them are listed below:

Canker sores

Canker sores are round lesions that grow on the mouth’s roof. However, cheek and gums are the most common places of their emergence. Canker sores are flat and delicate and appear as a sore bump on the mouth roof. Irritation because of braces, illness, or stress is the top reason for this.


Mostly, resting in such conditions works well. Don’t touch the affected area and go gentle while brushing and flossing.

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Incorrect or hasty eating can often lead to the formation of a small bump on the roof of the mouth. Having eatables high in temperatures like tea burns the inner side of the oral cavity. The most affected areas are tongue and mouth roof developing a sore bump on it.


Oral cavity burns adequate healing time. Do not eat or drink anything hot that might cause irritation.

Cold Sores 

Cold sores or fever blisters happen because of a type of herpes virus. Usually, the virus forms a bump on the oral cavity – lips and roof and is painless. Other signs and symptoms include:

  1. Tingling sensation before the palate bump arrival
  2. Blisters in the form of patches
  3. Premature bursting bump crusting


If the bump comes and goes again, you can use prescription medicines for that.


The oral cavity has salivary glands and ducts in the mouth. Sometimes a smooth bump on the mouth roof may develop due to blockage in one of those ducts.

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There is no particular treatment of mucoceles. However, a large mouth palate bump may require medical or dental attention.


Falls, sports, or automobile incidents are a few of the main reasons for facial injuries. But, as far as palate injuries are concerned, loss of brush control or a spoon hitting the palate forming a bump.


Give it time to heal itself. Only make sure to not have anything which irritates the bump.

Oral Cancer 

When other reasons don’t fit, it is better to rush to your doctor when nodules appear in your oral cavity, which does not resolve in a week or two.


Your oncologist will set routine chemotherapy or surgery after getting done with the biopsy.

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Benign Tumors 

These tumors are non-cancerous growths that grow inside the mouth like any other body part. The good news is that they do not spread.


Benign growths are removed via a surgical procedure.


Bumps on the mouth roof are usually harmless. However, schedule a screening as soon as you find one that does not go away within a week.


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