Do I Need Power Chain Braces?

Braces are those orthodontic treatments that apply pressure on the teeth to change their direction, which is desirable; it is done for the betterment of smile aesthetics. Mostly, braces contain wires and brackets along with an elastic structure known as a power chain. This chain we are talking about has […]

Smiley Piercing Guide 101

As the name indicates, a piercing is a sharp needle-like piece going through your body. It is a way of self-expression and is a great help in understanding personalities. Every part of piercing has a different story to tell; one of such is smiley piercing If you are planning to […]

7 Methods To get Rid Of Jaw Pain On One Side

Experiencing jaw pain on either one or both side of your mouth? It is bound to be bothersome. Nothing is more irritating than a stabbing, sharp pain impulse while you are with the family, having leisure time and just want an out. There are a wide variety of causes that […]