Swish Dental in Austin

Meet Swish Dental Founder Hello, In my professional life, I founded Swish Dental in Austin with a mission to change people’s perceptions of dentists and empower women in the field. Dentist visits are boring, and with the industry becoming more corporate, the personal touch of a healthcare professional is lost. […]

What Causes White Spots on the Back of Your Throat?

The body has its own distinctive way of indicating changes when it’s not functioning according to normal physiology. There are usually patches, bumps, rashes on the skin, or sometimes white spots inside the mouth, more like throats. There is no need to worry if we see white spots on the […]

How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

Have you ever wondered, “How long does a root canal take?” The quick answer is: Simple root canals usually require one appointment that lasts 30 to 60 minutes. In more severe cases, the procedure may take 90 minutes or longer. A second appointment may also be required if the dentist […]

Prolonged Pain After Tooth Extraction

You may not realize how common tooth extractions are. Modern dental technology makes extractions easier and quicker than ever before, as dentists and oral surgeons remove teeth daily. Following their oral surgery, most patients feel as if they are back to normal. There are, however, some people who experience prolonged […]

Chipped Tooth or Tartar: Learning the Difference

There is a possibility that you might start to panic if you notice a small piece of white material coming out of your mouth. Is it a tooth falling out or something like that? Chipped teeth or tartar are the two most common issues that can cause this. (Hint: Probably […]